When I stopped playing soccer competitively in 2004, at the age of 40, it was time to learn how to play guitar. Singing? I’d always done that, but never performatively. Bottom line: I wasted 30 years not indulging myself in this way, because it’s a real joy. I’m involved in a bunch of different projects, as they say, but the regular gig is a band called Bald Hill, some surprisingly hip purveyors of blues-inflected newgrass, roots and Americana. Check out the website here: Newer on the scene: A collaboration with Mike Conant called

The members of both bands all reside here in New Gloucester, and if they weren’t friends at the start, they are now. It’s been my experience that outside the work environment, we adult humans truly collaborate very little with each other. Soccer checked that box for many years. Now the music does. Here’s a tune you won’t find at the BH site but might recognize. And here’s another for good measure.