Join Hal Phillips and a veritable cast of characters/correspondents spanning the Globe to discuss¬† the burning, hot, molten issues of the footballing day. This week we present the Post-World Cup, pre-Apocalyptic (but just barely) edition, in two parts. Tom Wadlington comments in Part I on the Spanish victory, on his way to Fenway Park to see Sporting Lisbon vs. Celtic; he also weighs in on the “Bob Bradley to England” scenarios, which started with Fulham but now involve Aston Villa. Hal and Esteban get a bit political toward the end of Part I before delving deep into World Cup matters in Part II, fixating, in a meandering sort of way, on the tournament’s Best XI, making sternum plans for Nigel DeJong, and the never-ending tension between form and function.

2010.08 UASP Part I

2010.08 UASP Part II